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What we do

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Turn your vision into a reality

At Alfrecell, we use our expertise in manufacturing and converting PU foams to turn our customers’ vision for new products into reality, adding value to their business. We love supporting our customers and the challenges they face – from new products to new ways of doing business. And, with the right mindset and know-how, the possibilities of PU foam are endless.​

We Make

Our foaming plant facilities enable us to produce different polyurethane foam types and grades. 

Our portfolio of foam families consists of:

  • Standard Ether (CME)

  • High Resilient (CMHR)

  • Visco-Elastic (VE) 

  • Specialist foam grades such as Geltex and Niva.

We manufacture 60-meter-long blocks and cut and stock short blocks for supply.  

We Shape

In addition to manufacturing polyurethane products, we can convert foam to your requirements with a wide range of 2D and 3D cutting options to support your projects and the knowledge to produce finished products.


With our comprehensive suite of services, we can assist you at every stage of your project, from concept to completion.

Our services include: Design, development and fabrication,

prototyping, CNC machining, product assembly and finishing.

We innovate through

Advanced formulations to enhance performance, durability, and comfort.


Technical integration of the latest technologies to improve efficiency, precision, and quality control.


Product development to enable customer needs and market trends.


Collaborative partnerships with research institutions, industry experts, and customers to drive innovation forward.


Sustainable practices through continuous improvement, innovative processes, recyclable materials and energy-efficient practices.

We Test

At Alfrecell, we understand that the formulations of our foams can change the cell structure and characteristics of each foam grade we produce and each foam family they sit within, including:

Impact resilience, breathability, support, and pressure distribution.


With a SATRA-accredited laboratory status, Alfrecell delivers best practice for compliance and regulations including: Flammability, cleanliness of fillings, re-use of components, chemical legislation (REACH, POPs and biocides). 

to discuss your project requirements or to learn more about our products and services. We look forward to working with you!

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